July 25, 2016

Thai Union supports change in Thailand's chicken industry



Thai Union Group PCL supports the changes being advocated by local NGOs in Thailand to ensure all workers, whether migrant or local, are able to work safely and be paid legally, the company announced.


Recent NGO activities have highlighted that some chicken suppliers are not meeting legally required conditions for employment. Thai Union, through the application of its Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct, expects all of its suppliers, whether in the seafood or other industry sectors to meet requirements including the elimination of forced, illegal or child labor.


The Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct is a critical part of the company's supply chain management. Suppliers are expected to adhere to the code and breaches of conduct will not be tolerated. In response to allegations of unethical labor practices, Thai Union will conduct a third-party audit of supplier's practices and act on the audit results.


Thai Union has implemented a number of policies that are designed to reduce risk to worker's rights and unethical labor practices. This includes an ethical migrant worker recruitment policy. The company works closely with partners in Thailand, including the Migrant Workers Rights Network, Project Issara and the Labor Rights Promotion Network.

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