July 25, 2011


US approves Merck's new coccidiosis vaccine



A new-generation version of a coccidiosis vaccine to substitute Coccivac-D by Merck Animal Health has received regulatory consent from the USDA.


Similar to all Coccivac vaccines, Coccivac-D2 enhances the bird's natural immunity against live Eimeria oocysts by offering a balanced, controlled does of the costly and highly prevalent disease. The vaccine is presently in 5,000-dose and 1,000-dose vials.


Merck's constant commitment to quality means that the production of vaccinal oocysts in Coccivac-D2 are checked for purity, quality and re-qualified by USDA. The most recent product will also assist to streamline output and cause Merck Animal Health's vaccines to have a better manufacturing process.

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