July 25, 2011


Indian state launches programme to support poultry farming



The Goa state government in India has launched a new scheme to encourage small scale poultry farming, through providing cash and free equipment to farmers as benefits.


Since the last five years, Goa has witnessed a sharp reduction in the number of poultry farms and 90% of local small scale poultry farmers were forced to close down. Hence, the government is offering cash subsidy to boost and supplement agricultural income of the farmers. This scheme will indirectly generate organic manure needed by the agriculture farmers.


Under the scheme, a beneficiary that rears at least 100 birds will be entitled with a cash subsidy of INR1,500 (US$34). Every beneficiary will be provided with a cage unit worth INR12,000 (US$270). The cage unit supplied will accommodate 100 adult birds.


The objective of the scheme is to enable farmers to get fresh chicken/eggs at any time and to provide the choice of rearing broilers and layers.

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