July 25, 2008


Netherlands: Production of finisher pigs up 8.2 percent for H1


Preliminary data from the Dutch Product Board for Livestock and Meat reported an 8.2-percent increase in gross production of finisher pigs in H1, said agricultural newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad.


Between January and July 2008, 214,608 finishers were exported from the Netherlands, a 13 percent rise on-year.


Slaughters rose 6 percent, 416,000 more than last year. Imports dropped by 2.5 percent to 41,676.


Production of finishers, which have been exceeding last year's levels since the start of 2008, has not been this high for years. In the first three months of the year, the growth in gross domestic production rate was already at 4 percent.


Exports to Germany, the Netherlands' biggest buyer, grew 13 percent in H1 as over 185,000 living pigs were transported across the border.

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