July 25, 2008


Pakistan's farm and poultry associations disagree over corn exports


The Farmers Association Pakistan (FAP) and Pakistan Poultry Assiciation (PPA) are in disagreement over corn exports, with FAP urging the government not to ban export of corn but PPA demanding the opposite.


PPA has demanded a ban on corn export, as it is not only used in poultry feed but also an important staple food.


PPA Punjab Chairman, Muhammad Basit, said there is a severe shortage of food in the world, and Pakistan should, like 29 other countries, ban exports on staple foods. Furthermore, corn production is already insufficient for the country's needs, and that if corn is exported, prices of feed and eventually poultry would increase, he said.


However, FAP Coordinator Muhammad Idrees Khokhar said on Wednesday (July 23) that corn production, which reached the four million-tonne mark this year, is better than before and an export ban is unnecessary.


Khokhar also added that poultry feed mills do not pay enough to farmers, who are entitled to get the best prices for their crops through export.


Pakistan is expected to export about 50,000 tonnes of corn following a bumper crop harvest earlier this year.

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