July 24, 2008


Malaysia's hi-tech pig farm project to continue


Malaysia's Selangor state is going ahead with a modern pig farming project despite protests on some quarters, according to local newspaper the New Straits Times.


There have been no plans to drop the project in Ladang Tumbuk, Tanjung Sepat.


Selangor Menteri Besar ( Chief Executive of state) Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the only question that remains is whether technology from Germany or Britain should be used.


Khalid said the site of the project was in an area chosen by the previous Barisan Nasional state government.


The statements were made in response to a group called the Malaysian Muslim Solidarity Movement (MMSM) which is against the project.


The movement, which claims to represent 200 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), intends to send a memorandum of protest to Mr Khalid and has threatened to hold protests outside his office if no response is sent out within a month.


Mr Khalid said that the group's views would be taken into consideration but that they were also free to protest and to voice their opinions, provided they were done in an orderly and peaceful manner.


On Sunday, MMSM chairman Datuk Zulkifli Ahmad called on the state government to relocate the project to an island to prevent pig diseases spreading to the community at-large.


He said the pig farm would pose a health risk to the community where 20,000 people could be exposed to diseases.

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