July 24, 2003


Two Units Of CP Foods Among Five Thai Producers Approved As Exporters Of Chicken Products To Taiwan



Thailand's Charoen Pokphand Food PCL expects to export 20,000-30,000 metric tons of cooked and processed chicken meat to Taiwan this year and in the next few years, following the island country's acceptance of exports from five chicken meat manufacturers in Thailand, according to a company statement released late Wednesday.


Taiwan has been prohibited from importing cooked and processed chicken meat from several countries including Thailand over the last five years due to concerns over the spread of poultry disease and food safety, the statement said. It only accepted exports from the U.S. and Canada during the period, according to the statement.


However, Taiwan finally agreed that five Thai manufacturers, two of which are units of Charoen Pokphand Foods, will be allowed to export their products to Taiwan, the statement said.


"Taiwan seems to be confident in Thailand's food safety measures now.


However, it is still strict, so it is allowing only five manufacturers to export (cooked and processed) chicken meat to the country," the statement said.


Charoen Pokphand Foods is the listed flagship of the CP Group, a regional heavyweight in foods and animal feed and a conglomerate with interests in sectors from property development to vehicles.


Following the lifting of the export ban, Charoen Pokphand Foods expects to export around 20,000-30,000 tons of cooked and processed chicken meat to Taiwan during the first few years and expects exports to expand significantly in the future, the statement said.


"The Taiwanese market has a great potential for exports, as the consumption ratio there is high, at 27.9 kilograms per person per year, compared with Thailand's ratio of 12.7 kilograms per person per year," the statement said.


Charoen Pokaphand Foods is targeting to export a combined 90,000-100,000 tons of fresh and processed chicken meat this year, with exports in the first six months of the year totaling 65,000 tons.


At present, Japan and the European Union are Charoen Pokphand Foods' major export markets, but the company is trying to promote more sales in other markets, including South Korea, Singapore, South Africa and countries in the Middle East, the statement said.


Thailand is one of the world's leading chicken exporters. It expects chicken exports this year to reach 500,000 tons.