July 23, 2008


Russia's July 1 cattle numbers down 1.1 percent on-year



The total number of cattle in Russia on July 1 was 22.7 million, 1.1 percent lower on the year, the State Statistics Service reported Tuesday (July 22).


The number of cows fell by 1 percent to 9.4 million. The numbers of pigs fell by 1.1 percent to 17.4 million while the number of sheep and goats increased by 4.3 percent to 24.1 million.


The proportion of cattle kept by the population on small private holdings increased to 48.5 percent from 47.9 percent a year ago, pigs fell to 43.2 percent from 43.8 percent and sheep and goats fell to 50.8 percent from 51.6 percent. The rest of cattle, pigs and sheep and goats are on large-scale farms.


The production of cattle and poultry meat in January-June in live weight increased by 8.5 percent on the year to 3.8 million tonnes.

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