July 22, 2016


China Broiler Weekly: AA broiler prices flat as farmers hasten releases (week ended Jul 20, 2016)


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Price summary


Prices were stable to higher.


Market analysis


AA broiler

Prices of AA broiler were mostly soft, except in the eastern region where deliveries were hampered by floods. Overall, AA broiler prices inched up 0.17%, mainly due to the strengthening of prices in the east.


Prices of AA day-old chicks were in the range on RMB2.10-2.90/bird, higher by RMB0.10-0.40/bird.


China breed broiler 

Extending recent week's upsurge, prices of China breed broiler continued to rise prominently by 4.8%. Due to floods and low inventories of finishing broiler, the availability of native broiler was tight, hence helping to drive prices higher.


Prices of day-old chicks remained flat over the week amid lukewarm demand.


Market forecast

Prices of AA broiler should stay stable with some scope of moving higher as demand improves while supplies move lower. China breed broiler market is expected to remain robust due to tight availability.
For the chick market, prices of AA chick will move higher as farmers expand inventories in preparation for September's market. Prices of native chicks are seen soft, however, as farmers limit flock expansion.  
RMB=US$0.1498 (Jul 22)


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