July 22, 2011


Georgia's wheat crop doubles



Georgia's wheat production increased by twofold this year, according to the Agriculture Minister Bakur Kvezereli at a government meeting.


He submitted a report on the implementation of the programme of harvesting wheat and corn to the Prime Minister Nika Gilauri. According to Kvezereli, harvesting wheat in Kakheti has actually been completed. He said particularly good results are recorded in areas where American wheat was sown with an average yield of three tonnes.


Compared to previous years, the reports are a good indicator. For example, last year, the average yield per hectare hit 1.8 tonnes.


As Kvezereli said, so far 85% of the wheat crop has been harvested in Kakheti, and harvesting will be completed in these days in the Shida Kartli. The monitoring for sowing corn ended three days ago, according to the minister.


Kvezereli said that a great situation is evident in terms of productivity here. He suggests that the average corn yield is three tonnes, three times higher than last year's figure.


"This year, exporting corn to neighbouring countries will be possible with around 100,000 tonnes for export. This will create additional export products", Kvezereli said.

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