July 22, 2008


Brazil 2007-08 soy crop 86 percent sold as of July 18


Brazil's 2007-08 soy crop is 86 percent sold as of July 18, consulting firm AgRural said Monday (July 21).


AgRural estimates that Brazil harvested 61.5 million tonnes of soy this season, a record from last year's harvest of around 59 million tonnes. The crop is all harvested.


Mato Grosso has sold 96 percent of its crop; Parana 78 percent and Rio Grande do Sul 65 percent. The three are the top soy producer states in Brazil.


The remaining soy will have to last until February, when early-cycle soy are harvested out of Mato Grosso, the nation's leading soy state.


Brazil is the second largest soy producer next to the US.


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