July 21, 2022


China's sow herd up for second straight month in June


China's sow herd up for the second straight consecutive month in June 2022, as farmers in the country boost production due to rising swine prices, Reuters reported.


Zeng Yande, chief agronomist and director of the development planning department at China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said the sow herd had 42.77 million heads at the end of June.


According to calculations by Reuters, the figure represented a 2% monthly increase from the 41.92 million reported at the end of May, but a 6.3% decrease from the previous year. China's sow herd experienced its first monthly growth in a year at the end of May.


China's swine population had been decreasing over the previous year as some farmers left the market due to declining hog margins. However, recent increases in swine prices have increased production.


After prices rose since May, China's state planner had earlier urged the top hog breeders in the nation to maintain steady supplies. Pork is the most popular meat consumed in China, and the cost of it plays a significant role in the measurement of consumer inflation there.


Chen Guanghua, a representative of the ministry's husbandry and veterinary bureau, said current live hog production is at a "normal and reasonable" level. Chen predicts that the number of pigs sold in the second half of this year will be equal to that of the same period last year.


The production of live hogs and pork will steadily rise in July and August, according to Chen, who also guaranteed the availability of large hogs in the second half of the year.


-      Reuters

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