July 21, 2021


CP Foods reveals animal welfare innovations to ensure humane livestock production



Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL (CP Foods) has unveiled animal welfare innovations to create a model promoting humane principles for husbandry, the major Thai food company announced this month.


Dr. Payungsak Somyanontanakul, vice president and head of CP Foods' animal welfare committee, said the company is committed to research and development for innovations that promote well-being of animals in all conditions as well as diseases prevention. These practices will ensure that animals are provided conducive environments to live in, supporting good health and eliminating the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. CP Foods also operated a biosecurity system to ensure all animals are safe from diseases.


In 2020, CP Foods was the first company in Thailand to implement the Birdoo Smart Eyes in broiler farms, a real-time monitoring system that observes chicken weight, water and diet.


Additionally, the company launched smart farm innovations to facilitate better farm management.


"CP Foods recognises that animal welfare innovation is an important contributing factor to healthy animals [in the footsteps of] the goal of producing good quality and safe meat through sustainable production," said Dr. Somyanontanakul. "Currently, 100% of animals raised by the company are bred align with the 'five-freedom' principles (concerning) responsible and prudent use of antibiotics. These will guarantee safe food quality and food security for consumers."  


Meanwhile, Dr. Damnoen Chaturawitwong, CP Foods' senior vice president of its Swine Veterinary Service Department, said its swine business has developed an innovation that helped piglets post-weaning to live together in herds.


In addition, an automatic sliding bridge was developed to move pigs to transport vehicles quicker.


- CP Foods