July 21, 2011


AB Vista gains European registration for Finase EC use in sow diets

Press Release


AB Vista's phytase animal feed product, Finase® EC, has been awarded a product license for use in diets for sows in Europe.


Finase® EC, a second generation 6-phytase from E.coli, makes phytate-bound phosphate available to the animal from raw materials of plant origin. Its 6-phytase composition means that it is highly active under the conditions found in the intestine. As a result, the product gives improved phosphate availability and further phytate-bound nutrients for sows as well as reducing the environmental impact from phosphate excreted by swine.


Improvements in both live weight gain and feed conversion ratio were recorded when compared to a control diet containing no enzyme, which can be attributed to the increased release of phosphate and other nutrients by Finase® EC.


AB Vista's Global Sales Director, Ari Kiviniemi says, "It is great news that the European license has been extended to sows, meaning more of our customer base can benefit from using this product in their feeds. We hope to see Finase EC having significant positive impact on the stock health and output levels of our customers."

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