July 21, 2008


EU lifts sanctions against Norway's salmon


The EU has lifted sanctions against Norway's salmon exports, claiming the punitive duties imposed were never used anyway. 


Since the market price never went as low as the minimum price, the punitive duties has never been used, said EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson, according to Aftenposten.


Norway has a long-running dispute over the EU over its salmon duties,


Norway filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization, which came up with a split decision in December 2007, siding with Norway on 22 points of the disagreement and with the EU on 15 points.


Both sides declared victory in the dispute, the report said.


Norway's Fisheries Minister Helga Pedersen said the result of the case showed the decision to go to the WTO was a right one, adding that she hopes with this case, other cases accusing Norway of fish-dumping would be less likely in future.

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