July 20, 2011


Ukraine's pork output shows rapid growth



Ukraine's total pork production for the first five months of 2011 increased by 45% compared with same period of last year-according to data released by the Ministry of Agriculture.


In the next few years, income rate of domestic producers will also grow very rapidly, experts say.


During the period from January to May Ukrainian pork farms in total produced over 74 thousand tonnes of products. This is by 44% higher than in the same period of the last year; according to preliminary data in June, the industry growth rate slowed slightly, but generally it also remained significant. As a result, in 2011 the pork industry became the fastest growing segment of agriculture in Ukraine.


Experts consider these figures as the result of large investments in the modernisation of the production cycle in many pork complexes and the ongoing restructuring of the industry.


"The industrial sector of pork production went according to planned capacity, and it immediately affected at the whole economy," says Director of Agro Demis, Artur Loza. In the trend of increasing pork production, he sees the result of reformatting of the industry which is now standing at a crucial moment.


"The share of large industrial commercial pork complexes production is growing, and pork production in individual households is falling, which indicates a recovery of the sector and shows us that we have taken the right course in terms of the development of business," added Loza.

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