July 19, 2022


Pork producers council in Pennsylvania, US, welcomes new executive director


The Pennsylvania Pork Producers Council, the non-profit organisation that works on behalf of pork producers in Pennsylvania, the United States, and represents the Pork Checkoff, has announced Courtney Gray as its new executive director.


Gray will lead the 27-member volunteer board of directors representing pork producers across the US state. The PPPC encourages consumer awareness of pork production and provides resources for the public on the nutrition, versatility and preparation of pork as well as supporting education and research initiatives.


Before joining PPPC, Gray served as the director of marketing and industry relations for the PA Beef Council as well as director of the BQA programme.


"With years of commodity checkoff experience, I am looking forward to bringing consumer marketing expertise as well as producer engagement ideas to the PPPC," Gray said. "The pork industry in PA is thriving and continues to see growth. This is such an exciting time to be joining the PPPC."

- Pennsylvania Pork Producers Council

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