July 19, 2022


Malaysian assemblyman says pork subsidies not required as it is not staple food



Razman Zakaria, Ipoh, Malaysia State Plantation, Agriculture and Food Industry Committee chairman, and assemblyman for the Gunung Semanggol area, said pork subsidies not required as it is not staple food for all Malaysians, the New Straits Times reported.


He said there are no swine farmer aid requests, and the government has not received any complaints about pork prices. The government has set a MYR 0.60 subsidy for farmers per kilogramme of produced chicken.


He also said not everyone in Malaysia eats pork, and Perak has a 284% self-sufficiency rate for the meat.


Razman was replying to Chong Zhemin (assemblyman for Keranji area) and Howard Lee Chuan How (assemblyman for Pasir Pinji) at an Ipoh state legislative assembly sitting.


Chong questioned the government's plans to address the spike in pork meat prices, which went from MYR 700 (~US$157.06; MYR 1 = US$0.22) per 100 kg to MYR 1,200 (~US$269.24) per 100 kg in just six months.


Lee said Perak produced the most pork meat in the nation between 2009 and 2020, and a subsidy should be implemented to assist the farmers.


Tan Chee Hee, president of the Federation of Livestock Farmers' Associations of Malaysia, said that consumers may end up paying more for pork as a result of farmers raising their prices by MYR 100 (~US$22.44) per 100kg.


-      New Straits Times

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