July 19, 2021


Germany sees first pig farm ASF cases



The Friedrich Loeffler Institute in Germany has confirmed the country’s first African swine fever (ASF) cases in two local pig farms in Spree-Neisse and Märkisch-Oderland.


These outbreaks are the first ASF cases in the state of Brandenburg, involving domestic pigs.


Both farms were immediately put under restrictions by veterinary authorities. ASF was initially detected by the Berlin-Brandenburg state laboratory.


At the Spree-Neisse district farm, the virus was detected in a carcass as part of an ASF control programme. By the order of the veterinary office, all 200 animals on the farm have been culled and removed.


In the case of the Märkisch-Oderland district, it is a small farm with two animals.


In Brandenburg, ASF has so far been confirmed in a total of 1,267 wild boar.


- MSGIV (Germany)