July 19, 2021


Growth in EU farms' average farm income between 2007 and 2018



The EU farm economics overview report has recently provided an overview of key economic developments in European agricultural holdings up to 2018.


Between 2007 and 2018, the average farm income (of all types of farms) in the European Union grew, reaching €35,300 (US$41,670) per farm and €22,500 (US$26,560) per annual working unit (AWU) in 2018. There was an increase in the value of agricultural output, both for crops and livestock production by 34% and 36% respectively.


Significant income differences can be observed across EU regions and types of farming. The highest income per AWU was registered in the North-Western part of the European Union, whereas the lowest was in the Eastern region. The income per AWU of farms specialising in granivores, wine, horticulture and dairy was above the EU average in 2018. Farms specialising in pigs and poultry (granivores) had the highest farm net value added per AWU in 2018, and most of these farms are large in terms of economic size.


Income differences are also observed based on the sex, age and level of training of farm holders and managers: farms run by women, young farmers or non-trained managers earned on average less than other farms.


- European Commission