July 19, 2011


Legumex Walker confirms US canola plant



Canadian crop processor Legumex Walker Inc. has confirmed that it will proceed with construction of a canola crushing plant in Warden, Washington, US.


The plant will be Legumex Walker's first in the US. It is expected to be completed by late 2012 and operational in 2013.


The plant is being built and operated by Pacific Coast Canola, a Washington State company owned 85% by Legumex Walker and 15% by Glencore Grain Investment LLC. The plant is designed to process 1,100 tonnes of canola per day and has a design output capacity of 142,500 tonnes of canola oil and 227,000 tonnes of canola meal per year.


Legumex Walker is a recently formed combination of the Roy Legumex Group of Companies and Walker Seeds Ltd. It is one of the largest processors of pulses and other special crops in Canada, with nine facilities in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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