July 18, 2016

Kemin to hold expert sessions on poultry and feed at Indo Livestock




Kemin Industries Asia will be conducting expert seminars at this year's Indo Livestock (July 27-29) at the Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia.


The sessions involve a range of issues concerning feed performance and poultry production.

On the first day of the event, Chew Kin Ken, associate product manager at Kemin, will be presenting "Tackling Rising Feed Cost by Improving Feed Mill Efficiency" (Theater 1, 2-2.45pm). This is followed by "Alternative Solution for Managing Necrotic Enteritis in Modern Poultry Production" (Theater 1, 3-3.45pm), presented by Dr. Chan Poh Soon, product manager responsible for the animal health product platform focusing on Kemin's CLOSTAT™, COZANTE™ and ButiPEARL™.
On July 28, Dr. Joanne Ho, Kemin's product manager responsible for the feed hygiene and stability product platform focusing on antioxidants and toxin binders, will talk about "Maximising Feed Performance from Plant to Far" (Theater 2, 10.15-11.00am). The final session will focus on "Use of Lyso-Phospholipids for Better Egg Size and Egg Mass" (Theater 2, 11.00-11.45am), presented by Maria Glenda Esperida, product manager responsible for the lipid nutrition product platform focusing on Kemin's LYSOFORTE™.
Kemin's booth will be situated at A81. The booth will highlight the company's MillSMART programme, with a demo unit that showcases moisture optimisation and grain treatment systems.
Profiles of speakers
Dr. Chan Poh Soon is responsible for developing intestinal health programmes to address needs in a post-antibiotic era. Dr Chan received his degree of veterinary medicine from University of Putra Malaysia and has been working in the feed industry for more than seven years.


Prior to her current role, Dr. Joanne Ho was Kemin's research manager and customer laboratory service (CLS) manager. She has made significant contributions to feed stability product platform especially on the launch of Myco CURB® Extend Liquid in her capacity as research manager. She also led the CLS team and created test kits for ButiPEARL™ and clostridium. She holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Maria Glenda Esperida is an animal nutritionist by profession, specialising in monogastric and aquaculture, with more than 10 years of working experience in feed formulation in feed milling corporations and marketing of feed and feed additives. She holds a Bachelor of Science (agriculture) and a Master business management from the University of the Philippines.
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