July 18, 2016


Hyline distributor expands hatchery capacity in China


Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd, a Hyline distributor in China for the past seven years, is expanding hatchery capacity in its Henan Lankao location this year.


The hatchery, outfitted with hatchers and setters imported from Europe with "the most up-to-date technology", will increase its annual capacity by 30 million chicks. Currently, Xiaoming Agriculture hatches 50 million chicks annually.


"This expansion will enable us to meet the demands for high-quality day-old chicks and create value for our high-end customers," said Mr. Wei XiaoMing, chairman of Xiaoming Agriculture.


"We support and applaud Mr. Wei's aggressive growth in the China market with the Hy-Line Brown. The new hatchery will assure day-old chicks of high quality to the Chinese egg producers," said Jonathan Cade, president of Hy-Line International.


Ningxia Xiaoming Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd was founded in 1993. They produce parent stock and commercial day-old layer chicks.