July 18, 2016


Cambodia's Mong Reththy to build feed mill



Agro-industrial conglomerate Mong Reththy Group is building a US$10 million feed mill to supply its own farms as well as the domestic market, the group's eponymous president and CEO told the Phnom Penh Post.


He said the feed mill will occupy a 10-hectare site in Prey Nop district of Preah Sihanouk province. The new factory will have a capacity of 20 tonnes of animal feed per hour (or about 60,000 tonnes per year), with raw materials from locally grown corn and paddy rice.


"We will focus on producing feed for pigs, fish, chickens and ducks as an initial step," Mong Reththy said.


Reththy said his company had invested US$10 million in the project. The feed mill is expected to be opened at the end of the year.


According to officials at the Ministry of Agriculture, Cambodia currently has eight animal feed mills in operation, the largest of which is Thai-owned CP Cambodia.


The factories supply over one million tonnes of feed per year to the domestic market, meeting about 80% of its demand.


Srun Poav, director of the Cambodian Pig Farmer Association, said the addition of a new feed mill would help improve margins for Cambodia's livestock farmers and bring consumer prices down.


"It is good for farmers when there are a lot of local feed mill factories as the competition helps bring prices down," he said.


"However, we must be concerned about the quality of the feed in the market, and the government should monitor it closely."

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