July 18, 2011


US Nevada to put up new meat processing plant



The Walker River Meat Processing Plant project is proposed for development on approximately 1,712 acres north of Sierra Way, according to company representative Vincent Estell of Modesto, California.


The project has approximately 7,895 feet of frontage on the north side of Sierra Way, with the southwesterly boundary approximately 2,650 feet east of the intersection of Sierra and US Highway 95A.


Planning Director Rob Loveberg confirmed that session, adding that the subject property is zoned ME and must be changed to M-1 zoning for this project.


As for picking the north Mason Valley site, Estell said, "We believe the location is desirable for ourselves. We looked at the natural setting it has. There are no downwind impacts (wind predominantly from the southwest) to inhabitants in that area," Estell said, adding that other amenities of the local site are the available natural gas, geothermal operations in the area and accessibility to a rail line.


Estell said financially, the company would pump about US$50 million overall into the community once the project is fully implemented.


He added that there is a conceptual site plan for development of a multi-species meat processing plant, which would feature state-of-the-art technology, including waste and animal by-products used for on-site power generation and a green design for buildings.


The written summary for the proposal calls for a primary meat processing facility consisting of construction of a processing building of around 150,000 square feet, separated into three main components.


The first component would consist of a 60,000 square-foot area for the processing of up to 2,000 hogs per day, with space to expand to 150,000 square feet that could process up to 5,000 hogs per day and including a kill floor, a quick freeze freezer, a storage freezer, a processing and packaging area, a prepared meals kitchen, smoke rooms, a freezer storage area, and loading docks.


The second component would consist of a 60,000 square-foot area for the processing of up to 1,000 cattle per day, with space to expand to 150,000 square feet to process up to 2,500 per day and consisting of similar facilities as the hog processing area.


The third component of the proposed site plan is a 30,000 square-foot area for the processing of up to 500 sheep and 500 goats per day, along with a kosher kill area for the processing of kosher and other religious meat products, and with space to expand to 75,000 square feet to process up to 1,250 goats and 1,250 sheep daily. This component consists primarily of a kill floor with freezers and processing done in the main meat processing building, but segregated from all other species, the written proposal says.


The proposal calls for sorting corrals and sorting pens adjacent to the main processing plant building for each species, planned on a concrete slab.


A rendering plant for offal and bones is planned for near the main building, and adjacent to that, a pet food plant is proposed.


Warehouses, storage and equipment barns and hydroponic growing barns are also planned, as is an on-site meat cutters apprenticeship program, with training and hiring on a local preference basis.

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