July 17, 2008


Ukraine premier threatens to cancel poultry subsidies

Ukraine's prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko is warning poultry breeders that state subsidies on poultry meat would be cancelled if they maintained high prices.

Tymoshenko said she would do her best to cancel the subsidies if poultry meat prices remain high after a month. She also requested the State Tax Administration and the State Inspection to check economic grounds for the price of poultry meat.


Tymoshenko said the profitability of poultry breeders was too high.


The Ukrainian Poultry Union Association announced on Tuesday (July 15, 2008) that poultry breeders would maintain stable wholesale poultry meat prices at UAH 16-17 per kg by September.


Tymoshenko had asked Ukrainian president Viktor Yuschenko to settle poultry meat prices due to unreasonable price inflation on the meat.

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