July 16, 2015


EU's pig meat consumption rising


By Rick Alberto



Pig meat is leading Europe's meat production this year. According to the European Commission's latest short-term outlook report, it is showing the fastest growth of nearly 3%, while the total meat production is forecast to rise by only 2%.


According to the report, pig meat output during the first half of the year rose by nearly 6%, but during the second half, this will be tempered by reduced herd as a result of poor profitability. Pig meat production growth will even be further lower at 1% next year, the EC report said.


Despite the lower growth rate in production, exports of pig meat are expected to rise by 7% this year and 8% in 2016 due to the weakening of the euro against the dollar that made European meat more competitive on the export markets.


The report also said that the rise in production means that per-capita consumption of pig meat by EU consumers is likely to increase again this year before stabilising in 2016.


The EC's short-term outlook is based on reflections of market experts within the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission, using the latest data available. 


UK pig meat production


Meanwhile, strong growth in pig meat production in the UK was again noted in June, with output recorded at 68,500 tonnes, up by 6%, the UKS's Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) said on Thursday.


The AHDB said this was the 22nd consecutive month that production rose year on year and the fifth straight month of growth of 5% or more.


"These high supplies continue to put downward pressure on prices at a time when consumer demand remains subdued", it said.


It added that the main driver of the increase in production was a 5% rise in clean pig slaughterings, which totalled 812,500 head in June.

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