July 16, 2015


De Heus makes strategic entry into the Balkans




Royal De Heus has signed an agreement for the acquisition of Serbian feed company Proteinka, marking its entry into the Balkans.


This step is in line with De Heus' aim of further broadening its country portfolio and building up a position in a region where the animal husbandry sector is set to see rapid development.


Proteinka, based in Sabac in the north-west of Serbia, produces mixed feed for cattle, poultry and swine. Proteinka has a production capacity of about 80,000 tonnes.


The Serbian market primarily consists of small animal husbandry farms run as family businesses. The total volume of professionally produced mixed feed comes to about 1.5 million tonnes in a total market of 3.4 million tonnes.


Serbia is rich in local raw materials, such as corn, wheat and also soybean. Today, many small operations still mix their local raw materials with concentrates. However, it is expected that these small livestock farmers will grow their farms and start to professionalise over the years ahead. The need for high-quality mixed feeds to boost production efficiency will consequently rise strongly. De Heus aims to introduce its knowledge and experience of nutrition, production of mixed feeds, raw materials and farming systems, to support Proteinka and its customers in the years ahead.


Given its strategic location in the north-west of Serbia, Proteinka is favourably placed geographically, with respect to both the most important Serbian livestock farming areas as well as commercial opportunities in the neighbouring countries, such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. The expectation for these countries is that the animal husbandry sector will also develop rapidly in the years ahead.

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