July 16, 2008


Japan removes import tariffs on 51 Indonesian fish products


Japan has removed import tariffs on 51 Indonesian fish products from 1 July according to the Indonesian Ministry of Marine and Fishery.


Tariffs previously ranged from 3.5 to 10.5 percent.


The decrease was part of the Economic Partnership Agreement between Indonesia and Japan, in which both countries agreed to boost market access for Indonesian fish product to Japan, Head of Data and Information at the ministry Soen H Poernomo said, adding that shrimps were among the 51 products with waivers of tariffs. 


Indonesia initially proposed to remove the import tariffs on 311 fish products, but Japan only approved 51 of them, Poernomo said.


Meanwhile, Japan's fishermen have launched a rare nationwide strike in protest of higher oil prices which has inflicted substantial losses on the industry.

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