July 16, 2008


Bayer's GM soy to be approved in the EU by default


EU farm ministers failed to agree on imports of GM soy and cotton Tuesday (July 15, 2008), paving the way for default authorisations in the coming weeks, officials said.


Both products are developed by Germany's Bayer CropScience , which requested EU approval for them to be used as food ingredients and in animal feed. They would be grown outside Europe and imported as finished products for further processing.


Since the ministers failed to reach a majority, EU law provides for the European Commission, to issue a default approval.


Officials expect the official approval to be granted within weeks.


Both of Bayer's GM cotton, known as LLCotton25, and its A2704-12 soy have been engineered to resist certain herbicides.


The GM soy approval is of critical importance to EU's feed industry since it imports most of its soy and soy products, which have seen soaring prices in recent months.

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