July 16, 2008


First batch of US beef to reach South Korea this week


US beef ribs and other bone-in cuts are scheduled to arrive in South Korea on Wednesday (July 16) for the first time since they were banned nearly five years ago, Yonhap news agency reported.


Nerp Corp., a local meat importer, purchased the beef directly from US beef exporter, Creekstone Farms. The cuts are to be used for seasoned rib dishes and broth, said Yonhap.


Sources said even if ribs arrive within this week, it would take about 15 days for the shipment to clear customs and quarantine inspections.


US ribs may start reaching consumers in late July or early August, Yonhap quoted a meat importer as saying.


Meanwhile, the South Korean government also clarified that Australian and Mexican beef products cannot be re-exported to Korea after they were shipped to the US.


The Agriculture Ministry said US meat companies are banned from exporting beef products they purchased from other countries to Korea.


The ministry said the policy is in line with US beef import rules on which Seoul and Washington agreed in April.

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