July 15, 2022


China's hog production generally stable, according to symposium



The overall situation of China's hog production is generally stable and improving, according to a symposium held by the country's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on July 13.


Both the inventory and output of hogs have remained stable, with the production capacity of fertile sows staying within an appropriate range and hog breeders turning losses into profits.


Due to the sufficient production capacity of fertile sows, there are no factors that may cause a "continuous and substantial increase" in hog prices after the recent fluctuations, according to the ministry. It called for efforts to strengthen the monitoring of hog production data, implement long-term policies and execute a regulatory plan to ensure the stability of hog production capacity.


The ministry added that efforts would also go into preventing African swine fever and developing facility-based pig farming.


- Xinhua

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