July 15, 2021


Danisco Animal Nutrition expands launch of Axtra® PHY GOLD in Asia Pacific




Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business unit of IFF's Health & Biosciences division, announced today the launch expansion of the industry-leading novel phytase enzyme, Axtra® PHY GOLD in Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

Axtra PHY GOLD was first launched in India in 2020 and will eventually be available across all markets in Asia Pacific, pending regulatory authorisations. Axtra PHY GOLD is said to be the most bioefficacious phytase currently available on the market, helping improve sustainability while delivering greater feed cost savings to producers.

Asia Pacific has a thriving animal nutrition market encouraged by economic growth and higher disposable income, resulting in changing food habits. Major factors such as a growing demand for animal protein and increasing consumer awareness around the health benefits from consuming high-quality protein are driving the region's livestock feed market.

"In Asia Pacific, fluctuations in raw material availability, quality and costs for livestock feed have increased the demand for innovative feed additive solutions. Our new phytase, Axtra PHY GOLD addresses these input challenges by offering unprecedented flexibility and consistency, delivering greater performance and feed cost savings for producers," said Dr. Arno de Kreij, segment leader, Danisco Animal Nutrition, IFF.

Recent scientific studies demonstrate that Axtra PHY GOLD's ability to allow formulation of inorganic phosphate-free high phytate diets, improves sustainability of animal production. It also offers market-leading thermostability, proven to outperform other commercial phytases under a wide range of pelleting conditions, making it the natural choice for applications where pelleting performance is a primary concern.

The ideal phytase also needs to break down phytate as quickly as possible to reduce the phytate's negative impact. This requires an enzyme that is highly active at a low pH in an animal's upper digestive tract.

"Most poultry and swine diets contain a phytase enzyme, which is an important contributor to the feed performance. Axtra PHY GOLD has a superior pH profile and works faster than other competitor phytases to break down phytate, thus avoiding interference with digestion and performance. As a result, it can improve the release and subsequent uptake of phosphorous, calcium, energy and amino acids, reduce the anti-nutritional effects of phytate, and drive more feed cost savings," shared Dr. de Kreij.