July 14, 2011


Ukraine exports 12 million tonnes of grain



In the 2010/11 marketing year from July 2010 to June 2011, Ukraine has exported 12 million tonnes of grain crops, the media learnt from a source in the ministry.


The source said that the aggregate volume of exports stood at 12,037 million tonnes last fiscal year, specifically they exported 4.093 million tonnes of wheat, 2.7 million tonnes of barley, 5.055 million tonnes of corn, 38,000 tonnes of rye, and 149,000 tonnes of other crops.


"The total export of Ukrainian grain crops of the 2010 harvest amounted 12.1 million tonnes, including four million tonnes of wheat, 2.7 million tonnes of barley, five million tonnes of corn," the confederation.


Ukraine exported 700,000 tonnes of wheat, 500,000 tonnes of corn and over 260,000 tonnes of barley in June.


According to the media, customs duties on exportation of grain crops took effect on July 1 and will be valid until January 1, 2012.


The export duty for wheat is set at the level of 9%, but not less than EUR17/tonne (US$24), barley - 14%, but not less than EUR23/tonne (US$33), corn - 12%, but not less than EUR20/tonne (US$28).

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