July 14, 2011
Ukrainian grain imports increase in May

In May 2011, Ukraine's grain imports rose by a factor of 2.7 or 10,220 tonnes, in contrast to the same period last year, to 16,420 tonnes at US$10.48 million.
In May, the companies mainly imported barley (8,020 tonnes or 48.8% of the total grain imports).
Grain imports fell by 23.9% or 5,160 tonnes in May 2011 against April 2011.
In January-May 2011, as compared with January-May 2010, grain imports increased by 44.3% or 25,410 tonnes to 82,770 tonnes for US$158.46 million.
According to the media, in April 2011, grain imports increased by 17% or 3,140 tonnes, compared to April 2010, to 21,580 tonnes at US$49.17 million.

In 2010, compared with 2009, grain imports increased by 9.2% or 8,810 tonnes and made up 104,890 tonnes at US$143.69 million.

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