July 14, 2011
Ukraine's July grain stocks decrease

Ukrainian grain stocks on July 1 amounted 4.3 million tonnes, 13% less than the same period last year, according to the state statistics committee on Thursday (Jul 11).
The grain stocks included 1.9 million tonnes of wheat, 1.1 tonnes of barley, 0.9 million tonnes of corn and 100,000 tonnes of rye.
Farmers held on the date just over 2.2 million tonnes of grain, 2% more than a year ago, including 800,000 tonnes of wheat, 800,000 tonnes of barley, 600,000 tonnes of corn and 28,000 tonnes of rye.
The remaining grain was held by grain storage and processing enterprises.

Ukraine's grain harvest in 2010 fell by 14.8% on the year to 39.23 million tonnes in clean weight because of drought. Ukraine annual grain consumption is about 26 million tonnes.

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