July 15, 2011


Ukraine's Green Valley to construct dairy complex for 7,000 cattle



Ukraine's Green Valley agro-complex plans to construct a dairy and commodity complex for 7,000 cattle by 2014.


The complex is planned to be constructed on basis of respective facilities in Tomashpil and Tulchyn districts of Vinnytsia region, according to Anton Yakovenko, the director general of Terra Food.


At the moment, the total herd number of the agricultural complex is 2,000.


Besides, this year, the company plans to increase the area of farmlands in Vinnytsia region by 70% to 51,000 hectares.


As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Green Valley has started to place Series A bonds for UAH300 million (US$37.5 million).


Terra Food is a commercial and production holding with focus on three areas: dairy, meat, and agro-industrial areas.


Terra Food comprises 10 processing enterprises of the milk-and-meat division in Ukraine, a production enterprise in Russia, and the Green Valley agricultural complex, which unites 18 agricultural enterprises that cultivate 30,000 hectares of land. Its enterprises keep 4,400 heads of bovine cattle and 2,000 swine, it runs a grain elevator of 30,000 tonnes storage capacity.


The holding runs capacities capable of production of more than 77,000 tonnes of butter and spreads a year, more than 20,000 tonnes of cheese, more than 55,000 tonnes of whole-milk products, and more than 35,000 tonnes of meat and sausage goods.

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