July 15, 2008


Bayer to market Taiwan-developed swine vaccine


German pharmaceutical company Bayer AG has been approved to market in South Korea a Taiwan-developed vaccine for progressive atrophic rhinitis in pigs, but is also awaiting approval from several other countries.

Bayer hopes to market the vaccine in China, Thailand, Vietnam, the US, Japan, the Philippines and Mexico in the next two years.


The AR recombinant subunit (Pasteurella multocida toxin) PMT vaccine was developed by a team led by Chien Maw-sheng, a professor at the Graduate Institute of Veterinary Pathology at National Chung Hsing University. Pasteurella multocida is the key bacterial agent responsible for the transmissible virus, which cause severe inflammation of nose tissues in pigs. 
While mortality for AR is low, it results in heavy economic losses as farmers have to cope with unpredictable growth rate, as well as added costs of drugs and medicated feed. The virus occurs in most pig populations worldwide.

Chien said the vaccine is made by genetically reassembling the surface proteins of the atrophic rhinitis virus and it could stimulate the pig's immune system to defend against infection.


Chien also said the vaccine has an easier production process, higher safety and is cheaper than conventional counterparts.


The vaccine is the first Taiwan-developed animal vaccine approved to enter a foreign market, according to Joey Yu, general manager of the Animal Health Department of Bayer HealthCare, Taiwan.

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