July 14, 2022


Swine and cattle numbers in Belgium decrease slightly


Data published by Belgium's federal statistical service, Statbel, showed cattle numbers in the country decreased by 25,000 last year or 1.1% lower to 2.3 million animals, while swine numbers dropped 2.5% lower to 6 million, The Brussels Times reported.


Breeding heifers, which are young cows used for breeding and either have not yet calved or have just calved for the first time, accounted for the majority of the decrease. These declined 16,811 fewer, or 67%.


The next biggest drops were seen in male cattle (8% down) and suckler cows (16% down).


All categories of swine saw population declines, with the exception of those weighing 20 to 50 kilogrammes, whose numbers rose by 11.8%. The percentage of sows covered fell by 3.4%, while the percentage of sows not covered rose by 3.1%. All of this seems to suggest that the swine herd will continue to decline.


Compared to 2020, poultry decreased by 0.4%. Even though the amount of poultry in Wallonia is growing every year, more than 80% of the stock is in Flanders.


According to Statbel data, the number of agricultural businesses in Belgium remained at more than 36,000 in 2021 as in 2020. More than half of the total agricultural area used is in Wallonia, while two thirds of these businesses are located in Flanders.


-      The Brussels Times

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