July 14, 2016

Royal De Heus to acquire Coops Mengvoeders



Royal De Heus and Coops Mengvoeders have reached an agreement on the acquisition of Coops Mengvoeders by De Heus subject to ACM's approval. 


Coop Mengvoeders was established in the 16th century and has been the property of the Coops family for over 400 years. Core activities of Coops Mengvoeders is the production and sale of compound feed for pigs and cattle in the east of the Netherlands. The compound feed turnover increased significantly in the past few years, to a level of 115,000 tonnes today. Coops has 35 employees.


The recent agreement is a major step for Coops Mengvoeders to further develop its regional growth activities. To De Heus,Coops is a key partner for reinforcing its regional position in the east of the country. With a successful acquisition, business activities will continue under the Coops Mengvoeders brand name and current employment will not be affected. Both De Heus and Coops are described to be enterprising family businesses, with strong similarities in market perspective, business management and sales approach.


Coops will continue its autonomous management and will make use of the knowledge and experience of De Heus' international expertise centre. "I carefully selected the right candidate for Coops. As part of De Heus, a private company, we can continue our market approach and activities autonomously, maintain our identity and employment", Henk-Jan Coops, the owner of Coops Mengvoeders, said.

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