July 14, 2011


World milk consumption forecast to surge 30%



New research forecasts a rise of around 30% in global consumption of milk and other liquid dairy products (OLDP) from 2010 to 2020.


Demand for liquid dairy products (LDP) will rise in every region of the world between 2010 and 2020, with the exception of Western Europe, which has the world's highest per capita consumption of milk, according to the latest issue of the Tetra Pak Dairy Index, which tracks worldwide facts, figures, and trends in the global dairy industry.


This consumption boom will be driven by economic growth, urbanisation and the rising purchasing power of Asia's middle class, reflecting a growing shift in economic power from West to East, according to the report.


Global demand for white milk and OLDP, including flavoured milk, drinking yoghurt, sweetened condensed milk, lactic acid drinks, and infant milk, is expected to grow to around 350 billion litres by 2020, compared with some 270 billion litres in 2010.


The emergence of a significant middle-class, urbanisation, and the expansion of modern shopping habits by busy, health-conscious, and well-informed consumers is raising the consumption of packaged milk in developing countries like Pakistan, said Tetra Pak President and CEO Dennis Jönsson.


"Economic growth in emerging markets has lifted many millions out of poverty," said Jönsson. "They have more money, are better educated, and have new aspirations. It's clear that meeting the world's growing thirst for milk will be both a challenge and an opportunity for dairy producers."

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