July 14, 2011


Belarus to produce 10 million tonnes of milk per year by 2015



The government's dairy industry development programme is being expanded to increase Belarus's milk production to 10-10.5 million tonnes per year, by 2015.


"Huge investments were put into the country's dairy industry. This helped us secure good positions not only on the domestic, but also on the foreign market," Mikhail Myasnikovich said.


"To this end, we will have to build many new dairies, renovate and upgrade the existing ones and raise the milk yield. This, in turn, will require investments into the milk processing industry, raising foreign investments and setting up national food companies. That is what the government is doing now upon the instructions of the President."


However, the government is not quite satisfied with the work of foreign investors in the dairy industry.


"Unfortunately, I have to say that so far investors do not fulfill the obligations set forth by the relevant agreements. I do not mean the existing production facilities. I am talking about the investment efforts of foreign investors to develop primary resources of their companies," Myasnikovich said.

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