July 14, 2011


Chile's beef imports increase 3% on-year



Chilean beef imports during the period of July 2010-June 2011 remained relatively stable, rising 3% on-year to 128,658 tonnes swt.


However, beef shipments were influenced by a 35% increase in import prices to US$5,752/tonne as Chile's economy strengthened, the local peso continued to appreciate against the US dollar and imports from traditional South American markets remained relatively expensive due to tight supplies.


Although Paraguay was Chile's main supplier for the year, accounting for 54% of the total, shipments from this country were down 10% on-year to 69,595 tonnes swt. However, Paraguayan product was the dearest at an average US$5,917/tonne.


Shipments from Brazil jumped 93% on-year to 20,992 tonnes, at an average price of US$5,612/tonne, as more plants were certified, while imports from Argentina dropped 43% to 18,798 tonnes swt (at US$5,637/tonne) as scarce supplies from Argentina were redirected to the local market.


Imports from Australia recovered during the period from 2008's peak, rising 360% on-year to 7,884 tonnes swt, at an average price of US$5,829/tonne.


Australian product in Chile has been increasingly competitive during the current year against South American, sold both at retail and foodservice. Similarly, the exceptionally weak US$ has driven a 290% rise in imports from the US to 1,625 tonnes swt, at an average price of US$5,711/tonne.

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