July 14, 2008


Argentina's 2008-09 wheat crop boosted by rainfall


Argentine farmers took advantage of rain over the past week to push forward with wheat planting which had been stalled due to dry weather, the Buenos Aires Cereals Exchange said in its weekly crop report Friday (July 11, 2008).


While sufficient showers did not reach all areas, "expectations for more rain, forecast for the next two weeks, will allow farmers to plant the 4.8 million hectares expected to go to wheat this year," the Exchange said.


However, the figure would fall if the rain fails to materialise, according to the Exchange.


As of July 11, farmers had planted 61.7 percent of the area seen going to wheat this season, 12.4 percent behind the planting pace at this time last season, according to the Exchange.



The 2007-08 corn harvest is wrapping up, with 96.2 percent of the crop brought in to date, according to the exchange.


Final yields are expected to reach 6.8 tonnes per hectare with total production of 21 million tonnes, the Exchange said.



The 2007-08 soy harvest is complete, with production estimated by the Exchange at a record 48 million tonnes.

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