July 13, 2021


Small pig farms in China no longer need environmental approval from government



China now does not require small pig farms to receive environmental approval from the government before breeding pigs, Reuters reported.


In an effort to rebuild China's hog herd that has been decimated by African swine fever (ASF), the Chinese agriculture ministry said it will help remove red tape for small farmers.


This decision will reduce costs as the country tries to get small pig farmers back into pork production.


For pig farms with an annual output of less than 5,000 pigs, the agriculture ministry clarified that the environmental impact registration form needs to be filed online, but an environmental impact assessment approval is no longer required.


Small farmers continue to play a big role in producing pork in the world's largest pork-producing country. Unfortunately, the devastation from the outbreak has left Chinese pig farmers with large debts and a hesitancy to rebuild stocks due to ongoing ASF threats and a lack of capital.


The agriculture ministry said China's hog production recovery still faces uncertainties, and the risk of ASF remains "relatively great."


- Farm Journal's PORK