July 13, 2011

Philippine meat processors admit "lukewarm" treatment from government


The Philippine Association of Meat Processors Incorporated will clarify with the government over the alleged indifference of the Department of Agriculture on their recommendations regarding safe supply and affordable meat products for the Filipinos.

Pampi president Felix Tiukinhoy Jr., said he is bothered by reports that Secretary Proceso Alcala has given an internal directive to just set aside the concerns of the meat processors. He said DA secretary PRoceso Alcala allegedly said that meat processors "should just set aside their concerns".


Tiukinhoy also added that is not right for the government to belittle Pampi, considering its members have a consolidated sales turnover of P200 billion annually and provide 300,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Also, he said this is saddening since Pampi is determined to fulfill its pledge of being a proactive catalyst for socio-economic development through partnerships with government, affiliate industries, other stakeholders in the private sector and international trade partners.

Pampi, he said, will pursue partnerships with its partner-industries as well as the government in terms of raw materials sourcing, logistics and policies.

It is partnering with a private hog raiser group to ensure the steady and cost-competitive supply of pork materials for the meat-processing sector, with the end view of reducing dependence on imported manufacturing-grade raw materials.

It will also forge a partnership with the cold- chain sector to ensure the safety of both raw materials and finished products, by providing sufficient and technically adequate cold-storage facilities, and negotiate for the preferential rate for inter-island shipment of finished products, to reduce landed cost of processed meats in urban and suburban areas.

Pampi is also seeking partnership with the DA for a centralized strengthening of meat-fabrication activities through the installation of "AA" slaughterhouses and meat-fabrication plants as a safe and healthy source of wet-market meats.

Pampi is also committed to safeguard the foot-and-mouth-disease (FMD) free status of the whole archipelago and will support the Bureau of Animal Industry for its program of continuing education among backyard hog raisers where outbreaks of FMD are prevalent if not controlled. This way, they would better appreciate the need of the pork requirements of the meat processors in terms of quality and technical specifications such as pork cuts and breed.

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