July 13, 2011
First phase of Avangard's poultry complex completed

The "Avangard" company, one of Ukraine's biggest producers of eggs and egg goods, has finished the first phase of its "Avis" complex in the Kamenetz-Podolsk region.


For the implementation of this project, "Avanguard" gained approximately US$200 million during the initial stock promotion of the company at the London Stock Exchange in May 2010.

It is also reported that within the same project, the company simultaneously built a similar complex in Chernobaevskoe in the Kherson region.

As stated by Natalia Vasilyuk, General Director of "Avanguard", two complexes with closed-cycle production of a capacity of six million birds, have the potential to become the largest poultry operation the CIS region. Vasilyuk also added that the company has decided to make further significant expansion of "Avis".

In addition, "Avis" will have a processing capacity of 6,000 birds per hour, and an egg sorting and packing station with total capacity of 360,000 eggs per hour. Also, a feed mill will be built with a capacity of 60 tonnes of feed per hour. The total investment amount of the project is about US$450 million.

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