July 12, 2021


EU pigmeat production to continue rising in 2021



The European Union's pigmeat production is expected to continue increasing this year, as additional production in some EU countries more than compensated for the decrease attributed to the African swine fever outbreak in Germany.


The increase in EU pigmeat production is expected to slightly accelerate with an annual growth of +1.7%. The steady trend towards heavier animals continues (+1kg annually on average since 2016), and some slaughtering were transferred from 2020 to 2021.


Additional production in Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands and Poland should largely compensate for the slight drop in Germany's production due to ASF (-3%). The strongest production increase is projected in Denmark, with lower live exports to Germany and a relatively high number of young pigs in 2020.


Prices surged in February-March and again in May-June, reaching more than €170 (US$202) per 100kg early June due to sustained demand from the domestic market and for export, especially to Asia. These high prices should mitigate the pressure on producer's margin due to particularly high feed costs.


Apparent per capita consumption may increase slightly, reaching 32.5kg in 2021 (+0.7%/2020).


- European Commission