July 12, 2021


Protection corridor to be established at Brandenburg, Germany-Poland border due to ASF concerns



A crisis team combating African swine fever in Brandenburg, Germany, has decided to set up a protection corridor along the German state's border with Poland.


"The construction of an ASF protection corridor along the Oder and Neisse is imperative to prevent further movement of infected wild boars from Poland," said the head of the crisis team, State Secretary for Consumer Protection Anna Heyer-Stuffer.


The ASF epidemic in western Poland is highly dynamic, and the disease continues to spread in areas bordering Brandenburg over the course of 2021.


Effective containment of the ASF epidemic in Poland and a reduction in the high infection pressure on the German-Polish border are currently not expected. Bilateral talks between both nation's governments to establish an effective barrier directly at the border have not led to any success.


"The fence that we have already drawn along the border, unfortunately, does not provide sufficient security on its own as we constantly find new carcasses infected with the virus in previously unaffected border areas," said Heyer-Stuffer. "That is why we have to put up the second fence, along existing roads and paths, and taking into account nature reserves."


The protective corridor should be at least 500 meters wide. Within this strip, the wild boar population is reduced to a minimum.


In Brandenburg, 1,196 ASF cases have been confirmed in wild boar as of July 1, 2021. Domestic pigs have not been affected.


- MSGIV (Germany)