July 12, 2011


Ontario's corn develop amid favourable weather



Hot and sunny weather, together with appropriate rain, has assisted in the growth of Ontario's corn crop, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs's field crop update for the week ended July 7 stated.


Corn planted in the second week of May was in good shape in most areas and was on track to flower in mid to late July. Nitrogen side-dressing and final weed control operations were made throughout the week on the late-planted corn, the report said.


Soy planted in May and early June has now started to flower. This is 10 days to two weeks behind average development, the report said. Many fields were struggling to close the canopy in the southwest due to poor stands and slow growth. Growth has been slow for late-seeded beans as ground conditions have dried up.


Uneven flowering of canola fields was reported, making the timing of fungicide applications difficult, the report said.


Edible bean stands in the province vary from excellent on well-drained loams to variable on clays and consolidated soils.


The harvest of the province's winter wheat crop was expected to begin within the next seven days, the report said. Rust has moved into the wheat crop at extremely high levels.


As for spring cereals, rust was rampant in some oat crops. Cereal leaf beetle, army worm and aphids have all been reported above threshold in isolated instances in some spring cereal crops, the report said.

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